Blurbs: 'Below the Line in Beijing'

This compelling novel will hold you in its grip from beginning to end. Part mystery, part psychological thriller, Below the Line in Beijing is a terrific read and an auspicious debut by a gifted writer.
–Theodore Jacobs, M.D., psychoanalyst, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, author, The Year of Durocher, a Novel.
This is a fascinating novel with a vivid plot. The novel explores the depths of man's unconscious motivations, and at times, reads like a detective story enticing the reader on. As a Chinese native, I am very impressed by the author's knowledge of Chinese history, language, art, tea and even details about Beijing's geography. In that sense, the novel's most important contribution is the link it makes between West and East --between America and China.  
–Dr. Jun Tong, Professor of Psychiatry, Wuhan Mental Health Center, Wuhan, China.
Readers of Saul Bellow’s literary classics of middle age and diminished powers will quickly appreciate the setting and concerns of this novel. The action in Below the Line in Beijing is largely internal and observational, but excels in its tone and approach. Steeped in the cultural atmosphere of China, the special circumstances of the Olympics, and the unique struggles of an aging man, Below the Line in Beijing is a solid recommendation for any who want a novel packed with introspection and cultural analysis.  
–D. Donovan, Senior eBOOK Reviewer, Midwest Book Review.

The book is available from International Psychoanalytic BooksAmazonBarnes & Noble, other book sellers, and from Richard Seldin directly: 


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