Friday, December 22, 2017

Above the Radar                                                                 
This is in response to                                                             
onedead twodead threedead fourdead
friendly fire
myfamilymytribe myfamilymytribe myfamilymytribe
eye-for-an-eye tooth-for-a-tooth  measure-for-measure
Boom Boom Boom

This is in response to
fatherdead motherdead brotherdead sisterdead
human shields
mygodmygod  mygodmygod mygodmygod
tit-for-tat quid pro quo like for like
Boom Boom Boom

This is in response to
husbanddead wifedead childrendead loverdead
unintended casualties
mycountrymyland mycountrymyland mycountrymyland
tradeofftradeoff  tradeofftradeoff tradeofftradeoff
Boom Boom Boom

This is in response to
one million dead one billion dead seven billion dead worlddead
facts on the ground
I'm goodyourbad I'm goodyour bad I'm goodyourbad
sameoldsameold  sameoldsameold sameoldsameold
Boom Boom Boom

Dingdongdingdong  Dingdongdingdong  Dingdongdingdong

That’s all we did  that’s all we did  that’s all we did

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